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Who has an association with “Mt Morris”? Be prepared to be amazed of a glimpse into Historic Mt Morris’s Heros, Politicians, everyday Australians – WOW!

I have compiled a little over view of some of the people whom have had either a direct, or indirect association with “Mt Morris” – or “Morrie” as “she” is affectionately known 🙂 There are many people and sources that … Continue reading

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Medical emergencies and good neighbours in the outback # 2

Well, on Saturday the 11th of August 2012, another “out of left field” event occurred. My husband and I had been to Brisbane to visit our son, I arrived home on the Friday the 10th of August to a very sick … Continue reading

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Medical emergencies and good neighbours in the outback.

Often visitors and those who have not travelled in the outback have many questions regarding how families cope with medical issues in the bush. One word covers the answer – “community”. People in rural Australia are resourceful and band together … Continue reading

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Feral animals…ugh oh!

Well snapping catfish – seriously had to put this little tale on here. Our son has invited a couple of mates home, one has been here a few days, the other due to arrive this evening. Of course, to any … Continue reading

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Run piglet run!

Funny story today though – we have a pet piglet, and joey. Piglet decided to go for a wander along the outside fence of the house yard (yes, its a very big house yard). Piglet is flat out being taller … Continue reading

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The privilege of meeting, and shareing time with my Great Grandmother..family history passed down.

My GG (Great Grandmother) used to tell me (how lucky was I!) stories of how her mother, Anne Craig  GGG(Great, Great Grandmother)  would go out to help both the Bushrangers and the Police after both sides were injured in a … Continue reading

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Tell me a story of when you were growing up on the farm?

It is amazing how many times our children, and now our granddaughter has asked that very question. So here is a story, of when I was growing up on my parents farm in NSW…I do hope you enjoy this 🙂 … Continue reading

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So what is it like to have biodiversity on your land as a farmer / grazier?

Mate, have you woken up to Koala’s grumbling outside your bedroom windows? Have you moved echidna’s from out of your laundry, or raised a puggle? Have you had to get brown snakes out of your washing machine? Have you ever … Continue reading

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So it begins..”Mt Morris” Station and “her” people are introduced….

It is hard to know where to begin with our home, “Mt Morris” Station, Charleville Queensland. Throughout the research on this beautiful station, it is evident that so many people, so many families of bygone eras have all contributed in … Continue reading

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Home Grown Human Protector – Mt Morris uniqueness strikes again!

“Giggard” on the hunt”! May 2012   Home grown human protector! Yep, that’s what we have here at home. I have written elsewhere about our resident “Giggard”. “Giggard” – who is a substantial sized goanna, earned his nick name from our … Continue reading

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