Home Grown Human Protector – Mt Morris uniqueness strikes again!

“Giggard” on the hunt”! May 2012

  Home grown human protector! Yep, that’s what we have here at home. I have written elsewhere about our resident “Giggard”.

“Giggard” – who is a substantial sized goanna, earned his nick name from our 3-year-old grand-daughter, who for some reason, does not like the word goanna – so “Giggard” it is.

Giggard stands high on his / her back feet and chases our much-loved grand baby across the lawn – needless to say, she runs as fast as she can screaming “Giggard is after me nanny – save me nanny” – so out comes the broom, and Giggard is “persuaded” not to chase or intimidate our granddaughter.

Today though, only a short while ago a sight unravelled, that those rarely are able to see firsthand.

While bringing in the washing, there was a loud rustling in the buffel grass behind me. At first, I thought nothing of it, however, when the dogs started to become rather agitated, and jumped up on their kennels, I thought a look may then be warranted.

As I drew closer to the long moving buffel a sight met me that I most certainly did not expect – there was “Giggard” – not unexpected – however, “Giggard” had a mulga snake of approximately 5 feet in length in its mouth giving it a thrashing!

So off I went for the camera…(I know, it’s a worry! Lol) On my return, the snake was gone – deeper into the buffel grass and “Giggard” was now on the hunt!

A short while later (about 45 mins) while  on the veranda, movement I could see out of the corner of my eye – it was the mulga snake, about ½ a foot high with his head in the air heading out of the long buffel grass in a big hurry – however, behind him in the grass was a heck of a lot of movement..”Giggard” had hold of the snake’s tail, and was pulling it back – it appeared late lunch was still on the menu after all!

This time my camera was handy on the table outside – and here are the photographs in order from when “Giggard” lost the snake the first time, to hunting it, catching it, killing it, devouring it and then off to find a spot in the sun before retiring to the shade.

Please note all photographs are copywrite to Cate Stuart & Mt Morris Station – thank you.

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7 Responses to Home Grown Human Protector – Mt Morris uniqueness strikes again!

  1. Wow, these are fantastic photos. Not a fan of Goannas but if they are protecting your home of snakes, then I’m all for them.

    • G’day there Jackie! Glad you liked the photos – I am glad the camera had a good zoom lense too! 😉 As a point of further interest, we at that time actually had 3 goannas that lived under the main homestead here!
      At first, we thought it was just another one “passing through” until it became very obvious with 2 of them having a “disagreement” on the front lawn, and the 3rd one relaxing in the sun on the path!
      The largest of all of the goannas was found dead at the side of the homestead here a few months back. We don’t know what happened to him, however it did coincide with the first of our heavy frosts here. He was most certainly one of the older of the reptiles, so possibly his time had just come to go.
      Another interesting thing about the photos, is that as the battle was taking place between the goanna, aka “Giggard”, the snake would “latch” hold of the goanna’s neck. If you look at some of the close shots towards the end, you can actually see a dark patch on the goanna’s neck. This is from the snake’s venom, the goanna’s neck was literally saturated from the snake bites!
      Nothing like life on the Station, something happening everyday – to those who are observant 🙂

  2. Wow, what fantastic photos! You’ve got a gift. The site is great!

  3. Cafelatte says:

    These photos are unreal. Fancy seeing a goanna or a snake in the city! We would have to phone a farmer for sure.

  4. Fabulous photos, I can almost reach out and see everything.

  5. Yikes, glad th goanna got the snake but what a whopper of a goanna – I’m sure I’d be lunch to…haha. Love to see it, it all looks and sounds incredibly beautiful, harsh and yet dependable. Good onya Morrie!

  6. Glad that you love the photos – they most certainly are unique, and we were very fortunate to be able to see such an amazing event unravelling right before our very eyes! Just another reason to visit the station! One never knows when or where a guest may see something that no one else ever has – and that, is what makes Mt Morris unique 🙂

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