Run piglet run!

Funny story today though – we have a pet piglet, and joey. Piglet decided to go for a wander along the outside fence of the house yard (yes, its a very big house yard).

Piglet is flat out being taller than your ankle – anyway, from out of the sky swooped a huge wedgetailed eagle – as soon as the shadow came close, piglet was bolting along the fence, trying to get back to safety.

At the same time that the eagles shadow was drawing closer, Britt and Jacquie (two of our daughters), were sitting on the enclosed front veranda saw the shadow and then the eagle getting closer and bigger – looking for “pork” !

Quick as a flash, Jacquie jumped up – flung the door wide open – and took off towards piglet…looking up at the eagle about 1 – 2 meters over her head and getting very close – she let out a shout at the feathered preditor – waving her arms trying to now hit the bird away from the piglet yelling “get away from here you big feather duster or i will kick your butt!”

The bird swooped upwards now, just as much in fright as piglet! Piglet seemed to have an extra burst of speed – and made it to safety and out of sight of the eagle.

The Eagle then proceeded to circle the house – it was now after the joey – Jessica – however Jessie, dove straight into the bouganivilla and was safe..Jacquie was now on patrol in the houseyard for another 5 minutes or so – then the bird lost interest…I bet he / she is back again tomorrow though! 🙂

There have been a number of wedgies here (generally) lately. I took photos of a flock of (estimation) about 15 or so a few weeks back, riding the thermals. I think they must be hunting for the long haired rats (native) there are a number of them around at the moment – and eagles love them!! Yum yum!

Piglet is fine after  this mornings events, as is “Jessica” – mind you havent seen the other chooks…better go look-see!

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