So what is it like to have biodiversity on your land as a farmer / grazier?

Mate, have you woken up to Koala’s grumbling outside your bedroom windows?

Have you moved echidna’s from out of your laundry, or raised a puggle?

Have you had to get brown snakes out of your washing machine?

Have you ever listened to possums and carpet snakes galavanting and slithering about in your ceiling and walls?
Have you watched bearded dragons mating on your fence posts?

Have you had old man emu with his clutch of chicks come up to your house yard fence and say “G’day“?

Have you sat and watched red and grey kangaroos, different species of wallabies all with their young thriving playing and growing all from your verandah?
What about whislting Kites, playing in the water next to the brolgas as they dance?

Have you ever picked up a baby brolga, and moved it off your road, set it down gently while its parents followed next to you?

Have you ever picked up anticineaus’s and moved them out of the road, and little dunnart’s with their young, where they are safe, or just to say “wow, how beautiful you are?”

Have you ever seen spoon bills nesting and raising their young, and watched the water rats try to poach their eggs?

Have you ever watched yellow bellie and cat fish roll up to the surface of your healthy river (that was bone dry in 1902 – photos to prove it) and chase the yabbies that we all compete for for some bush tucker?

Have you ever been right there as a dingo kills a kangaroo?

Have you ever seen a woma, and had the privilege of sharing that with your children….and then the reality sets in for those of us on the land that have…

Have look and see what they found of significance on Mt Morris 🙂

Memoirs of the Queensland Museum (ISSN 0079-8835)

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2 Responses to So what is it like to have biodiversity on your land as a farmer / grazier?

  1. WTF says:

    Thank you Mt Morris. Here is another case of jackboot tactics being used to destroy the true stewards of the land.

    • Yes, a double standard to be sure. The youtube clip you posted, is the sad reality of what happens…words elude me to be able to respond properly to that clip now.
      But remember, while there are families on the land, and “Mt Morris” is still here, all that this encompasses is something to celebrate, and protect – the best way for us here at our home now, is to share our beautiful station while we can – by sharing, we are protecting it, letting people come, see and become part of “Mt Morris” history…then hopefully, the clip you showed will become a distant reminder of mistakes that were made in the past by our legislators. 🙂

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