Feral animals…ugh oh!

Well snapping catfish – seriously had to put this little tale on here. Our son has invited a couple of mates home, one has been here a few days, the other due to arrive this evening.

Of course, to any red blooded 17 year old lad, heading to the bush is a big deal – especially from the Sunshine Coast!

For us, just another day on the station.

The main attraction of course, is the inevitable fishing, swimming and…the chase of the feral pig…and when i say chase, i do mean literally!

Bailey, is quite the sportsman – dare i say, look for his name in the future of one of the football codes – as he is very good, and, very fast.

He wished to “test” his speed against, the elusive, yet formidable opponent – the feral pig.

Success was his today – a 40 kg boar – however, not until the wee little boar had given Bailey a lesson or two in the art of “scrub running“!

With my other half and son, heading back to get the ute, as Bailey disappeared into the distance – all they could see was dust, vegetation splitting apart, and some sort of muffled yells for assistance! lol 🙂

They eventually found the ute, some 2 ks back, and headed in the direction that Bailey was last seen, with the boar snorting fair up his “clacker” – lol!

Success, they found Bailey and the boar still smashing their way through the scrub – with Bailey’s eyes now with a steely determination to get to the ute!

Like a man possessed with super natural powers, one leap (makes super man look like a putts!) up lept Bailey to the safety of the ute…with the ever compassionate mate, and his father, tears rolling down the faces with much belly laughter at the sight they were witnessing!

The boar, was right at the ute too – snorting and pacing, trying to figure out how to get into the back to be with his mate Bailey.

Why was the boar so indigent? Because Bailey, had run it down – yes caught it, then released it…and that the little feral boar was most upset about~ so swinging his tusks, snapping his jaws, he decided to teach this “human” a lesson…lol – i would loved to have been there and videoed this event!

The boar was dispatched at the ute, and now, all home safely, with much excitement in recounting the story – but the scratches on Baileys legs no doubt, tell the tale of his experience today down on the station.

All i can say, is “the boy can run!”! lol


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2 Responses to Feral animals…ugh oh!

  1. Cafelatte says:

    If a pig is giving chase, ya don’t have to run faster than the pig. Just outpace ya mate

    • Oh, 🙂 Well yes, that is always an option too! Its good to see the Aussie sense of humour alive and well in your comment – will be sure to pass it onto Bailey! Hope you are enjoying the posts 🙂

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