Tell me a story of when you were growing up on the farm?

It is amazing how many times our children, and now our granddaughter has asked that very question.

So here is a story, of when I was growing up on my parents farm in NSW…I do hope you enjoy this 🙂

I remember my brothers and I, all under 12 decided to help our father get rid of rabbits! He was always deep ripping the warrens, or poisoning them, but the were so many!
So we 3 musketeers decided that we would surprise him, and get rid of the biggest warren by blowing it up! Oh, what a wonderful idea …so we thought!

Being able to have access to everything on a working property we decided to make petrol bombs! We thought just perfect, have got old rags and rope to make wicks, have cans to put the petrol in – so no worries – wouldn’t dear old dad be ever so pleased when he saw what we had done to help him!

We set off to the biggest warren, with our artillery that we had made in the shed, matches in hand, and ever so excited!
Being the eldest, i got to choose which hole the “bombs” should go down first. The 3 of us decided to let them go one at a time.
All 3 of us carefully inspected the ideal entrance, and the all important quick retreat access after the “fuse” was ignited.
The 3 of us then had a very quick meeting to decide who was to place the “bomb” and who was to light it!
As i was the eldest, i was of course the operations manager, next brother down placed the “bomb” and it was a 2 to 1 vote that the youngest has to light the fuse!

With this decision made, we left our youngest brother at the burrow entrance, while we older 2 retreated to a log for cover, but with a plain site view of what was about to unfold…

The fuse was lit! Little brother ran and jumped over the log, we 3 all blocked our ears and ducked…waiting….waiting..waiting…nothing!

After a little while, we decided to have another vote, again, 2 to 1 – the youngest brother had to go back and see why it didn’t go off, and re-light the fuse…while we older two watched, that was only fair, after all HE lit it!.

Off he went to inspect the burrow entrance…as he leant down and put his face nearer to the entrance BOOM!
Bloody hell (yes i still remember the words!!) “are you alright, are you alive can you hear us” – we were yelling as we ran down to him…dust everywhere!

Then we saw him, lying face down on the dirt, starting to move and groan, slowly turning over…he was covered in dirt as to be expected…but…there were a few things missing!

You have no hair on the front of your head! You have no eye-brows!

Then it sunk in what was going to come next – oh crap, DAD!

We decided to say it was all the younger brothers idea – yep, that sounded good, he was always the favourite – so we could all get out of it, as dear old dad would praise him for wanting to help.

Um no, that didn’t work! We eldest two got the belting of our lives, and the verbal dressing down to go with it – which we deserved of course! lol

The youngest brother it was decided by the “parentals” had suffered enough. So he got away “scott free” – see, he really was the favourite!

But guess what – we 3 kids overheard Dad telling Mum a few days later that he had a look at the rabbit warren, and how we did a good job on it – so when we were at school HE was going to blow a few up himself with the “bombs” we had left over…go figure! lol 🙂

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