So it begins..”Mt Morris” Station and “her” people are introduced….

Garden at Mount Morris Station near Charleville Queensland 1901

It is hard to know where to begin with our home, “Mt Morris” Station, Charleville Queensland.

Throughout the research on this beautiful station, it is evident that so many people, so many families of bygone eras have all contributed in one way or another the Station’s survival.

From Shepherd’s tending their flocks on the open flood plains of the Langlo River in the late 1800’s – very early 1900’s, with the care and diligence as a father has for his children, to the Chinese people tending their vegetable gardens to contribute to the well being of all on the Station, indeed outlying outstations.

The manual labour that in today’s society would be considered an “OH &S” nightmare, was a fact of day to day life – do it or perish.

The fact is, without the hard work, tenacity and strength of character that these pioneers brought to “Mt Morris” is what Australia was born on.

The ability to adapt to seasonal variations – the rains come, the rains go, however always the people of this land remained steadfast in their convictions to improve their land, their home.

By forging ahead indeed our forefathers and mothers have secured and maintained the balance between the environment in which they lived, not just survived, successfully achieved sustainability, viability and economic reward without any compromise.

These settlers recognized that to jeopardize one for the other would be counterproductive.

The only way that these people, without the use of internet, phone, fax or tv were able to achieve such outstanding results through the decades, was to become one with the land, with their environment.

The Aboriginal people of this land knew this and understood all of this. For those Aboriginal people who passed on their knowledge, handed down from generation to generation, we thank you.

Throughout the history and development of Australia, controversy surrounds every aspect regarding settlement, and pre settlement. But as time goes by, and the bond that the Aboriginal people have with their land, and the beginnings of generations of white settlement are now established, there is another bond growing – and that does not know race of people, yet, this wonderful country, and wonderful Station, “Mt Morris” runs deep on many people’s veins, uniting us all who have a connection with the land – we here embrace this new bond.

The knowledge that our pioneers gathered, through failure and success, would stand the test of time – the proof is how “Mt Morris” stands to this very day.

“Mt Morris” is changing. The laws that are forced on “her” and many other landowners, landholders and stewards of land are not in the best interest of their environment.

A carefully maintained balance of “Mt Morris” is becoming harder to protect. Some laws and legislation would destroy the very thing, a productive, balanced Station that “Mt Morris” is proud to present today, in “The Year of the Farmer 2012”.

How do we, the family that have “inherited” the responsibility of this little known Queensland, indeed Australian treasure protect “her”?

For our part, we have decided to open the Station up, and share “her” secrets now, some 146 years after European Settlement.

As this blog site develops there will be in no specific order, articles on “Mt Morris” history, the day to day running of the station, the many and varied species of Flora and Fauna, updates on visitors to the Station and their stories, and above all, to let the world know, that “Mt Morris” is still here, and is now sharing “her” very important history.

If you would like to visit the Station, please go the “ABOUT” section at the top left hand corner of the home page, once you click on it, there are 2 links that provide more information for travellers wishing to visit our beautiful home, “Mt Morris”

Below are some photos we thought you may enjoy, we hope you do 🙂

Mob of sheep near the creek at Mount Morris Station north west of Charleville Queensland Circa 1902

Sixty years a shepherd Circa 1899 Taken on the Langlo River Flats

Tennis courts at Mount Morris Station near Charleville 1901

Wool scour on Mt Morris Station near Charleville 1902

Woolshed at Mount Morris Station 1902

View of Mount Morris Station Charleville district 1902 / 1904

Leather shoes for bullocks, said to be that off Leichhardts expedition found on “Mt Morris” Station, Charleville in 1902

Garden and homestead on Mount Morris Station in the Charleville district 1902 – 1904

Finally, the next generation. Linda is 8th generation on the land – its not in her blood, it is her blood – “Mt Morris” there is nowhere like home..

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6 Responses to So it begins..”Mt Morris” Station and “her” people are introduced….

  1. Strewth says:

    Wow. This blog brings the bush straight into my office here in town. It is incredible when you think about the knowledge of farmers, the way they have increased productivity by using less resources to create more food for the rest of us. Generational farmers have stood the test of time and climate. A glance at the weather records shows that farmers produce between devastating flood events and dry years, and those farmers who have been able to do so for generations deserve our respect. The next time I hear someone say that ‘farmers are environmental vandals’ I will ask them if they have ever seen this blog, for a start. Thank you Mt Morris.

  2. G’Day Strewth, thanks for your comment, and so pleased to read our blog!
    It is great for us here to know that people are finally reading what a farmer / grazier has to say!
    And yep, we people on the land really do care for our environment, if we out here “get it wrong” with our management, it is we out here, who pay the price – and that includes our biodiversity along with livestock etc.
    Glad you enjoyed this post, we all hope you keep checking in as we add more yarns 🙂
    Cheers “Morrie” 🙂

  3. This is fasntastic, so much history and brought to life as though it was yesterday. I hope to get out there to see it soon

    • G’day celticheather! Great avatar! We are pleased that you have enjoyed a short post on the history of Mt Morris, in addition would be wonderful to have you visit here! There is so much more to add regarding the history of the Station, even including one Senator Jim Killen – which will be revealed in posts later on.
      For details on visiting the station, please go the the “About” section, on the dashboard, here you will find links for further information. The GoseeAustralia link has been recently updated – so that would be the link we recommend for you to view!
      Thanks for your comments, and we look forward to more of your feeback as this site continues to grow 🙂

  4. SS says:

    So your farm didnt start with the “removal” of the local Aboriginal people, thats handy

    • G’Day “SS”,
      Interesting comment – please read some of the earlier posts regarding Aboriginal people – I suppose you didnt think that your comment would be approved – well, obviously that is not the case.
      The sad reality is, that during our short “ownership” of the Station (its not a “farm” ) no Aboriginal people have shown the slightest bit of interest in the Station at all! There are many whom we have contacted personally, who just seem not to care about this country – where their tribal connections still belong.
      It is not because they dont know about the country, the people we have spoken to do, however they give the impression that they are just not interested, and really dont care about their heritage – this is something that we do care about – and are trying to reignite that pride of heritage – as it should be on this station.
      To also address that white people, or chinese do not have an attachment with this station, would be a misnomer as well – there are far too many people – with varying timespans that “Mt Morris” runs deep in their veins.
      It would have been inappropriate for me, as a white person, to comment on how Aboriginal People feel about this land. So, i have shown respect on that course – no where, as you have eluded to have I written “that Aboriginal people were not removed” – so if you have records of this, can you please share this side of the Station history, as a white person, i am not permitted to search those archives.
      I have spent years researching the Station, and there are facinating people (ALL people) connected to this wonderful place – so if you have anything to share, specific to Mt Morris with documentation, please do, it will be gratefully accepted.
      Here is a post I put on under the only Canoe tree that has been verified on this river system to date – the local Aboriginal person I liased with, stated that there is none recorded to the best of his knowledge, or on registry in this area – so transparency is the key to all events of this station coming out, this appears to be what you are eluding too is not happening – well, that too, is a misnomer.
      We invited an Aboriginal Elder to the Station, finally, one came – and below are their words
      Mt Morris Station says:

      October 30, 2012 at 12:37 pm (Edit)

      Another little update on the Aboriginal heritage on beautiful Mt Morris.
      An Elder has visited the station at our invitation, and this is what they have said,
      “Mt Morris plays host to the secrets of the “Dreamtime”. Aboriginal people occupied this land for many thousands of years. They left for us a legacy of environmental management and sustainable land use practices.
      There is an abundance of evidence, which indicates the cultural activities which occurred on Mount Morris.
      This is evidence that Mt Morris is a place of high significance of Aboriginal Cultural Heritage. This Cultural Heritage is protected, and managed on the highest level today.”

      This is something that the station is very proud of, the protection, yet the sharing of this information is important to be talked about, passed down to Australians.
      During our esteemed guests visit, there have been a number of artifacts found, numerous scar trees – even double scars from “Coolamons” found – amazing!
      In the anabranches one can see where the earth has no records of artifacts for approximately a meter, then more artifacts start again – this is show casing the hundreds, if not thousands of years of Indigenous peoples connection with the station.
      Significant deposits of ochre have been identified..Mt Morris truely “has it all” with more secrets being revealed to those whom are observant.

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