Mt Morris, steeped in a rich history – lets start at the beginning..

Another wonderful example of a Canoe Tree, located on      “Mt Morris” Station.

Aboriginal communities living along the rivers  cut the bark from trees to build canoes.

This practice is not uncommon in Australia.  Most people know these large “scars” as “Canoe Trees”.

While the bark was  still fresh with moisture, it was  easily able to be moulded.

The bark  was tied  into a boat-like shape. Canoes were “steered” by a long pole, similar to what we see today in island communities throughout the world. It is understood, that canoes did not last very long, as the bark eventually gave way to the continual immersing in water.

It is thought that primarily, the canoes were used for fishing, crossing waterways, or travelling downstream and then left when of no further use.

Whatever the reason, to be able to locate a Canoe tree on “Mt Morris” is a wonderful thing to see.

The watercourse it is located on, is purely now, an anabranch of the Langlo River…but then who says the Langlo River is where it used to be? 🙂

Another “Mt Morris” secret revealed exclusively for the first time, here, on this site.

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One Response to Mt Morris, steeped in a rich history – lets start at the beginning..

  1. Another little update on the Aboriginal heritage on beautiful Mt Morris.
    An Elder has visited the station at our invitation, and this is what they have said,
    Mt Morris plays host to the secrets of the “Dreamtime”. Aboriginal people occupied this land for many thousands of years. They left for us a legacy of environmental management and sustainable land use practices.
    There is an abundance of evidence, which indicates the cultural activities which occurred on Mount Morris.
    This is evidence that Mt Morris is a place of high significance of Aboriginal Cultural Heritage. This Cultural Heritage is protected, and managed on the highest level today

    This is something that the station is very proud of, the protection, yet the sharing of this information is important to be talked about, passed down to Australians.
    During our esteemed guests visit, there have been a number of artifacts found, numerous scar trees – even double scars from “Coolamons” found – amazing!
    In the anabranches one can see where the earth has no records of artifacts for approximately a meter, then more artifacts start again – this is show casing the hundreds, if not thousands of years of Indigenous peoples connection with the station.
    Significant deposits of ochre have been identified..Mt Morris truely “has it all” with more secrets being revealed to those whom are observant. 🙂

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