Where the Murray Darling Basin Starts..

This photo was taken in 1915 on the Langlo River, “Mt Morris” Station Charleville.

Today with much debate regarding the Murray Darling Basin Plan, it appears that our politicians, and arm chair environmentalists, have once again, disregarded the practicing environmentalists of the land. Here, on the left one can see the Langlo River, photographed in 1915. Due to the fact that the photo is black and white, it appears that the river bed is pure silt. This is not the case, it is a hard rock base. Just around the corner of the river bend, is a weir that was constructed in the late 1800’s. Where the photographer is standing, if you can imagine being him / her, to their back the river continues down stream, entering the Warrego River system below Charleville.

There are numerous permanent water holes between “Mt Morris” Station, and where it becomes one with the Warrego River system. If one looks at the map of the Murray Darling Basin, it is here, on “Mt Morris” at this very weir that the system begins – according to the experts…

The beautiful weir, now of not only historical significance, but a high ecological significance, the Qld State Government had issued a Demolition Order over this immensly important weir. The present custodians of this land, our family, took action, and reversed this order to protect our unique bio-diversity and all this encompasses here, successfully.

The Water Rats, Yellowbellie, Spoon Bills and Koala’s just to name a few varieties of life depend on this system – a complete ecosystem revolves around this pivital point on the Langlo River.

The security of stock and domestic water is interwoven in this patchwork of the envionment here at the Station. One depending on the other for over all health, sustainability and ongoing viability of the Station.

This, is beyond dispute, as since settlement in 1866, the Station and all “she” encompasses has stood the test of time.

Come and share a “Mt Morris” experience, and learn from the real practicing envionmentalists – the ones who live with the consequences of their land management practices, you will be surprised at what you learn 🙂 We and our forefathers and mothers, understood the land, we listened…if you visit, and you listen, you will be amazed at what secrets you learn..

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