Ode to Mount Morris Station

Ode to Mt Morris

Australia’s Annual Rainfall – 1890 to 2011.  Indeed, the cycles show in this graphic display of the endless cycle of drought, followed by one or two years of rains.    I don’t know why the Queensland floods were a surprise to city folk.   Maybe they just haven’t seen this graphic, published by the Queensland Government.

Click on the image below to read about the Queensland drought of 1897 and its impact on Mount Morris Station.


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One Response to Ode to Mount Morris Station

  1. To add to this fantastic bit of research here on rainfall – or lack of, the diaries here at “Mt Morris” Station reinforce the drought and flood years.
    These cycles have always existed, for decade after decade through the centuries.
    The work and management of the everyday happenings on the Station of “Mt Morris” show just how resourceful the early settlers of this Station were.
    How the knowledge that they learnt, through trial and error in their landscape, held them in good stead with land management practices.
    To be able to recognise a bad decision as the decades progressed and not repeat that bad decision, is the difference between survival of native and non native species, and that includes the people on “Mt Morris”.
    The early settlers on “Mt Morris” were very aware of their surroundings, and learnt quickly that the Aboriginal people held the key to teaching them the importance of “reading the land” and the seasons.
    The locality of water, and food resources always a priority. Later we hope to post excerpts from diaries dating as far back as 1902.

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