Mount Morris Station – Its an Experience!

A picture says a thousand words – a Mt Morris experience to have forever!

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2 Responses to Mount Morris Station – Its an Experience!

  1. Bianca Stasinowsky says:

    Zara had so much fun at Mt Morris, as did the whole family! It was truly an amazing STATION EXPERIENCE the whole family will never forget! Thank- you Mt Morris Station, I know we will always be welcomed into your home in the future & yes we will be back for some more laughs & fun in the future :-), the Stasinowsky’s

    • Hello to the Stasinowsky family! We here at “Mt Morris” enjoyed immensely sharing our home with you all 🙂 From showing Mal around the station paddocks, introducing him to Western Qld flora – nothing like the Mulga! To the dare devil whip cracking events in the homestead yard, where your skills Ms Bianca, will be etched into Mark’s hand permanetly, and are now in the “Mt Morris” history books! (Jks!)
      To watch your children exploring and being able to offer them room to run, breathe, see and touch the Australian bush is a privilage, that your family gave to us.
      From all of us here at “Morrie”, thank you for allowing us to share our home, and a piece of our lives with you.
      You are all, always welcome at our campfire and we look forward to when our paths cross once again.
      Cheers, Clan Stuart 🙂

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